Brave Kids Art Club


As a professional illustrator, teacher and father of 3 young kids, Brad started this show in hopes of offering a resource for kids to learn to be more confident, curious and talented little artists…and humans.

Growing up, Brad spent whatever time he wasn't drawing, outdoors exploring. His curiosity fueled his creativity, which only furthered his love for learning.

Brad now runs a creative agency called Brave the Woods, whose focus is making fun educational products for both kids, and those who are kids at heart. He's designed for major brands, children's books, animations, toys and more!


Learn Drawing Skills & Techniques

Everything starts with a sketch, focusing on the biggest things first: shape and composition. Those are the bones of our drawing. From there we can add all the fun stuff like details and color!

Build Curiosity About the World Around Us

Creativity comes from curiosity. Exploring and learning about the world around us helps us see things that others wouldn’t, and makes us better artists.

Become More Confident

Being an artist (and a human) requires a lot of self confidence. To fully reach your creative potential, you have to believe in yourself and own your work! Be proud of what you make, because you are the only one who can make it like you!

Have Fun!

Drawing is fun! You are creating something completely new that has never existed before. Learning awesome facts about the world around us while drawing…how cool is that?!